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5 ways to make your bridal appointments stand out

Posted by Emma Wilson | July 20, 2023

5 ways to make your bridal appointments stand out

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd so use this guide to give you some inspiration for your appointments!

1. Create a VIP experience

Finding your dream dress is such a special experience and many brides would be happy to pay a fee to make it as memorable as possible. You could offer exclusive use of the boutique so they feel like a true VIP! They could bring more loved ones with them, include a package such as bubbly and sweet treats or you could offer appointments outside of normal working hours to cater for those with limited availability. Your diary will be filling up in no time!

2. Offer different themed rooms

If you have more than one bridal suite, a great option could be to decorate them in completely different styles and make this a selling point. Your brides are bound to love having a choice of different themes when booking their appointments and you may appeal to a wider audience by diversifying. Think neutral and timeless, ooze glamour in gold or dare to be bold with a brightly coloured or dark and moody option. Everyone is different!

3. Take lots of pictures

Create an area of the boutique perfect for taking selfies! Not only will your brides and their guests take photos and share them to social media, but it creates a fun interactive activity for everyone involved! Creating a space with mirrors covering all angles is great for your brides to truly see what a dress look like from any direction and it allows you to take lots of pictures of the different angles so they don't forget how fab they looked! You can share any pictures you take of your brides directly through mybridal by uploading the photos to their customers profile and then sharing them to the customer portal. Your brides can then login and access the images on their own devices once they get home so the experience lives on.

4. Keep your accessories close to your changing room

Keeping your accessories close by when you have a bride in their dress can be a great decision. Your bride might clock some finishing touches if they are displayed in a way she can see them while she is in her dress or it gives you the option to easily grab some sleeves or a jacket to transform a look. The moment that veil touches their head and mum starts to tear up they will know it's the dress for them!

5. Use an enquiry form

Using an enquiry form can completely transform your customers experience. Mybridal allows you to create completely custom enquiry forms so you can ask and record any questions you would like. You can choose to build the brides excitement by sending the enquiry form out to them prior to their appointment or your can create an intimate and personal feel by choosing to sit down with the bride for 10 minutes when she first arrives. Either way the it ensures the bride will feel like she has been listened too and it will help to build trust and rapport, making you more likely to convert a sale.

Hopefully this has helped your to feel inspired and maybe there was a tip that will help your business!

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