How to Set Up with Stripe

In order to use integrated payments with mybridal you need to sign up with an integrated payment provider. Currently our first integration is with Stripe and this guide will talk you through how to connect with them.

1. Go to Settings > Integrations. Click on 'Connect' for Stripe.

2. This will open up Stripe in a separate window. You can now follow the instructions as directed by Stripe. It will first ask you to enter your email. If you already have a Stripe account then please use the email you used to set this up.

3. If you already have a stripe account it will ask you to log in. Please log in and then follow their instruction to complete the integration. If you do not have a stripe account please follow the instructions to sign up and fill in the required information about your business.

4. Once you have completed the set up with Stripe, Stripe will email you to communicate the status of the integration. It is possible they may put your account 'under review' for a short period of time, and you will receive email communication from them once you have been connected to mybridal.

5. You can check the status of the integration by refreshing mybridal, returning to the integrations page, and then viewing the status of stripe. When it says Setup Complete, Status: active then the integration is complete and you are ready to take payment directly through mybridal.

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