How to Create a New Registry

Registries have been created to allow boutiques that sell prom or event dresses to register what school or event they are going to be worn at. This allows you to ensure you don't sell the same dress twice for the same event.

You can create a register for each school, and then once you have put a sale through for a customer you can add sale items such as the dress to the relevant register. This means when the next customer comes in from the same school you can quickly check which dresses in what colour way have already been bought and therefore are not available to be sold again.

The same principal can also be used for formal events, balls, pageants etc.

You can create a new registry by following these steps:

1. Go to the 'Registry' tab.

You can access this by visiting Inventory > Registries.

2. Click '+ New Registry'.

3. Fill in the details

For the name we would recommend identifying the school / event the registry will refer to.

The expiry date refers to a date when the registry will become purposeless, normally once the date of the event has passed. Once a registry has expired, any of the products listed under it will not show up when you search registries for a specific product code.
For example if someone had bought the 'Saffron' dress in pink for a 2022 Prom and then someone wants to buy the exact same dress a year later for a 2023 Prom, the dress won't show up in January 2023 if you search via product code as the expiry date was August 2022.

Click 'Create' once you are happy with the details.

4. Check your registry.

You can do this by clicking on the registry drop down menu. You will see all your registries listed and can click on one to view it and see any products that have been added. You can also edit the details of the registry by clicking on the pencil icon. The expiry dates will show as either green if it is a current registry, or red for registries where the expiry dates are in the past.

To learn how to add items to a registry click here.

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