July 20, 2023
New Update

Release v4.0.20

Here's a summary of what has changed....


Nothing new

Excel Data Importing

You can now populate mybridal with an excel data import. You can download the template from Settings -> Import and then populate it as per the instructions on the first page, then re-import it. This will be helpful for new stores who are moving from paper/excel -> digital and would like to transfer existing data.

Diary Appointment Type Background Colour

You can now change the background colour of an appointment type by moving the transparency slider on the appointment type in Settings -> Defaults -> Appointment types -> Click appointment type. This allows you to change how light or dark


No new improvements

Receipt improvements

If you discount an item during a sale, it will now appear on the receipt and we have also done some more formatting / cleaning up of the receipt to improve the look. If you edit the receipt comment when viewing, you also now have an option to save this so it is permentantly updated.


No new fixes

Portal Apps not being found

In some cases, portal appointments were not being found when users clicked the link from an email or SMS. It seemed the URL capitalization could change for a character which would cause it to break since we looked for an exact match on the url. We have now added in a safe guard for looking for the appointment by ignoring the case to improve the matching.